Become Who You Want to Be

Feathercoin Key Stats

    336 days since genesis block creation

  • Approx. 36,700,000 of Feathercoins created
  • Approx. 16.36 days behind target generation rate
  • Today we have special newsletter which for the first time features a piece written by a new team member talking about why he overcame his self doubt and committed to his passion.

Before I do I would like to situate it in context with a point that Adam B Levine made in his interview with Dogecoin tipbot founder Josh Mohland recently:
The hope going forward then is that isn’t just a new currency thing because ultimately Doge is what, a little over two months old?… Doge blew up early but there are a lot of coins that really focus on the community and focus on ‘oh it’s such a great place to be’ and they give out lots of coins and everyone’s very generous at the beginning because you’re still trying to vest stakeholders… is there a certain point where you think that this dynamic doesn’t really grow anymore? Or do you think that the specific fundamentals of Doge lend it to a longer tail for this?
You know I think it’s really too early to tell. Especially with the first block halving which is happening roughly around Friday of this week. I think after we see the first halving take affect there’s going to be there’s going to be kind of the, we’re going to see what happens to the network, see what happens to the hash rate, if it goes down, if it goes up. See what happens to the price. For a coin that’s two months old that has this amount of growth it’s too early to tell really.
Like in business with Cryptocurrencies failure is the norm. Not just with the adoption curve but with the blockchain itself. Only one miner can receive the reward per block. Having the courage to commit knowing that the odds are stacked against you takes courage and commitment to an identity you want to make for yourself. It’s about owning your decisions and every action you take and caring more than everyone else.
The market is there to test your resilience, it’s there to make you prove yourself. Being committed to the right values and helping relate your work the needs of others first is vital to success.
Feathercoin has some of the nicest people in the space, people who are here for all the right reasons not to score cheap PR points with faux gratitude so they can win over the masses, now it’s time to let them do the talking…

Getting your hands dirty

by @MyWyrm

I’ve recently joined the team and usually my first ‘default’ or ‘stock’ thought in these sorts of situations is one of extreme doubt in my own abilities. It is rarely a doubt shared by the people that know me best, it’s instead a less than useful self doubt. I’ve always attributed it to fear, a most illogical and very human of fears, it is a fear of starting something, giving it my all and it not being good enough. The active avoidance of difficulty for fear of failure is a common and ironic failing and one which I’d encourage everyone to actively beat off with a large and very positive stick.
The best stick is a project which you are passionate about. Feathercoin is my large stick and beating it back is honestly satisfying and enriching. Uncomfortable situations like writing this article? WHACK! Take that doubt.
The way I see it, communities are like floors held up by pillars, the strength isn’t in a single person it’s in the combined effort. If you have read Ruthie’s post asking for members to come forward and help with the team and talked yourself out of it, please reconsider, please get involved and please give it a go.
For anyone else, if you’ve considered setting up Crypto meetings in your area, outreaching to your local businesses or setting up a website, blog or business. It’s there for the taking.
Please check out Bre Pettis’s excellent ‘Cult of Done Manifesto‘, it’s a fantastic motivational read.


by @Adrien

CoinsManager is a free open source, multi-address, multi-currency Portfolio. You only need to add your public addresses to the application, and it will find for you the associated coin, the coin balance, and the total value in your favourite fiat currency. We only plan on adding a lot more features after the MVP, especially through gamification elements (example a game to learn more about crypto currencies?)


Feathercoin has been implemented a few days ago, so we’re hoping to get some love from the Feathercoin community 🙂 Contributions and donations would be very much appreciated. You can read a lot more to understand the project at our press releases, and directly test the application at
Thank you for your interest, and if you have any question, please ask me, and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Charity Fundraiser

by @Uncle Muddy


So far we have raised a massive 4,502 FTC for Prostate Cancer UK and continue to push forwards to the 6,000 FTC goal. The Lottery will be running for a further 2 weeks before we park it and press on with the final push towards the end of April and the final presentation at the 1 year Birthday Bash where we hope to have a representative of PCUK to receive the final amount. @Ruthie has kindly sponsored the next two weeks of lottery to give you even better odds of winning! But you’ve got to be in it to win it.
The Rules
/uploads/ All stakes need to be received by 17:00 UK time on a Saturday Night, the reported confirmed transaction time on the wallet will be used to monitor this
/uploads/ Max 5 entries per person
/uploads/ will be used to select the winning numbers
/uploads/ 20% of all stakes will go to the charity fund, the rest will be awarded as 1st Prize
The Prize FundSaturday 22nd March 2014
/uploads/ 1st Prize will be 80% of all stakes received
/uploads/ 2nd 20FTC
/uploads/ 3rd 10FTC
/uploads/ 4th 5FTC
/uploads/ 5th 5FTC
How to Join In
If you have an address from the raffle you can use that to send in your stake, if you don’t or you need it again drop me a PM and I’ll send you one over. I will post up a list of names for the lottery draw by 18:30 on the Saturday night in the post just below this one. I will video the draw taking place around 19:00 and the winners will be paid out shortly afterwards.
Other ways to donate to the cause
You could always just donate by sending coins to the charity pot using the address 6eshhwBr7W8ynbFobDyoMD5zPK9F5E5ghP (coins sent here will not be included in the lottery!)or you could donate some hashing power to the community payback P2Pool node. Keep your eyes peeled on the forum, for the next big event due to be announced soon, once we have finalised the details. Thanks for your support once again, and massive thanks to Ruthie for sponsoring the lottery!

Feathercoin meet up Oxford.

by @Ruthie

We’re holding the next Feathecoin meet up on Saturday March 29th at The Oxford Blue, 32 Marston Street, Oxford from 3pm onwards. Would love to meet new comers so all are welcome. If anyone would like to set a meet up in the their local area I encourage you to do so, if you meet up on the same day we can link up online.


With our one year anniversary coming up could I also draw your attention to the One Year Birthday Meetup thread, feel free to post with your ideas.


by @ChrisJ

This project of ours is about debt extinguishment, about $16 trillion or so globally. Crypto is not free money, it’s money backed by energy, commitment from caring individuals and a global self stabilising consensus. The first of its kind in human history I might add. Being part of one of the first ever global currencies gives you the chance to tell others how they can be a part of something bigger than themselves and maybe, just maybe we can stop talking about the price and start talking about what really matters.
Slowly, day by day become the person you want to be remembered as.
You can find the last official newsletter here: Listen. Time Passes. Today special thanks go to @MyWyrm, @Adrien, @Uncle Muddy, @Bushstar, @Ruthie & @ChrisJ for their contributions to this newsletter.
You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or come on to the forum to stay up to date.
Thank-you for your time.