Everything Points Towards Success

Feathercoin Key Stats

    307 days since genesis block creation

  • Approx. 33,700,000 Feathercoins created
  • Approx. 14 days behind target generation rate
  • Or is it every-one? Nothing is just everything without direction and greatness cannot be achieved until we learn to love what it is we do. Today we show the power of execution.


Coinfest Success

And we begin with the powerful @Motherlode1 and @Lizardman aka Norman and David respectively. These guys put in a lot of energy in to the Coinfest expo in Vancouver Canada last weekend. Feathercoin had a stall and was met by lots of supporters; people who said they loved Feathercoin but for one reason or another just hadn’t stopped to say ‘hi’ on the forum yet.
Norman was kind enough to make note of their feedback so that we could continue to improve on the website.

Norman (who already brought us Feathercoin on Reddit) shooting for the Youtube Livestream at Coinfest Vancouver. Checkout the cool FTC t-shirt made by David

One of the things I really admire about Norman is his ability to take responsibility and fix problems. He said he was going to do something and then he did it. If there was a hiccup, even if it was outside of his control, he apologised anyway and found a workaround. He kept his focus and remembered what was important. To make no mention of all the work he did in the background to imagine the opportunity ahead of him and turn it in to a reality.
For a while before the Livestream it looked like we wouldn’t be able to do it. So he tried out the Hangout link on his phone, installed some stuff and just got it working and did an impromptu show with me. He then produced gems like this:

Nathan from Cryptominers and Corrina from Crypt0Youth are helping children at risk

We spoke to Nathan and Corrina (seek 13:12) who told us they are building a project that sees the proceeds from mining go towards helping children who are at risk so that they can fund scholarship programs. This is so beautiful I just had to pick this out of the lineup. Checkout CryptØYouth‘s Facebook page and give them a Like or head over to their site http://crypt0youth.org. I will sort them out with some Feathercoins very soon using Michael Harrison’s Feathertipper, which by the way was also a star of the show and was used to send tips to some of the people who left us their Twitter @ tags.

Big thanks to Andrew on the mic for giving us the chance to join in at the Expo

The event would not have been possible without the hard work from the guys at Coinfest. We are in talks about hosting one in the UK as well and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Prostate Cancer UK Goal Reached FTW!

Hey who moved the goal posts?

You did! That’s right, you punched above your weight and redefined a more meaningful goal because the last one was way too easy apparently. Well that is according to @HopeStillFlies who upped the stakes by matching all the previous donations with one big mega buy!
Hope does indeed still fly. Did I do any of that weird philosophical stuff in this news yet?
Memory is the eye of imagination but it is only hope that pierces through to create a path in to a future. A hope that dreams of a day that our past will be uncovered and understood differently and with compassion.
Yeah anyway to be specific this is a stretch goal. It won’t embarrass us if we don’t make it but wouldn’t be fun if we did? The Raffle will be drawn at the Oxford Blue this Saturday at 20:00 UTC. If you’re around we’d love to see you. Ruthie is planning on getting a livestream together.
Success is achieved when we learn how to enjoy what we do and @Uncle_Muddy is having a whale of a time.
New Website

As you may have realised by now we have a new website. Not that I would know but it was rather like giving birth.

It’s a launch!

Big thanks go to @Bush, @Sev, @Entimp, and Peter (@555) and all of the others who contributed to this project. We got there in the end and it has given us a platform on which we can grow. The main website is in WordPress which means we can start adding you guys as bloggers. We want to use the main image on the home page to feature your projects. So get working and send us your pictures.
Note: we have had a few spambots reactivitate since installing the new forum. This should be sorted soon as the permissions were changed. We would love to get your feedback so that we can continue to improve it, this is for all of us so give us a shout in the comments.
One Year Anniversary of Feathercoin

Well not quite yet. But I am pleased to welcome back @Entimp, where would we be without him?, who has brought forth the idea of a one year anniversary celebration for Feathercoin this coming April. Now this is an plan I think we can all get behind. Head over to his thread and help him develop this worthy event.

The more you do the more you can do, procrastination is too much like hard work because you just end up getting in your own way. Sometimes we need to look to our heroes who can show us how to do it. They are doers, that is to say they are thinkers with the courage to commit.
I hope you will take the inspiration from these newsletters and show everyone what you can do with it.
You can find last week’s newsletter here: Change Before You Have To Pt2. Today special thanks go to @Ruthie for her contributions to this newsletter.
You can follow us on Twitter @Feathercoin to stay up to date.
Thank-you for your time.