Survival is the best revenge

Feathercoin Key Stats

167 days since genesis block creation
Approx. 17,700,000 Feathercoins created
Approx. 13.4 days behind target generation rate

The Romans were secure enough with their identity that they did not at all mind copying the Greeks. Purpose has nothing on passion. The most important thing is not the relentless drive to be different, always craving the novel, but to appreciate what you do have and learn to get the most out of it. A technology will evolve until it is fully understood by its people. How much you care is all you should be concerned about, nobody can talk to your customers the way you can. Here is a recap of the last 7 days:

London Bitcoin Meetup

I had a great time at the London Bitcoin meetup where I met Bittylicious founder Marc Warne who has turned in to something of a minor celebrity in the Bitcoin space after he made it super simple to buy Bitcoins in an easy step by step process, a real privelige I might add and I hope we get to work together soon. I also met up with the very knowledgeable Richard Boase who writes over at Cyber Salon so a very edifying experience was had all round.

Marc on the left, founder of Bittylicious, on the right Ismail Malik

Iain Cresswell, the organiser, has done an incredible job of bringing together both Bitcoin newbies and veterans in London to create a lively discussion. Most people I spoke to knew all about Feathercoin and had many good things to say about us which is a breath a fresh air after spending so much time on Bitcointalk listening to all the lovely critics who help to keep us strong 🙂

If you are from London, UK don’t forget to sign up to the next Bitcoin meetup which is going to be at Google Campus, which is a big milestone. We have already been trialling our Mobile Crypto Exchange from there with much success.

New Feathercoin Pool Stats

UKMark has been at it again this time with a stats page on the distribution of hashing power across the pools on the network.


This nifty Pool Parser complements our existing Stats Page and gives a clear view of the network hashrate distribution in one place. Big thanks to UKMark and this won’t be the last we are hearing of him.

Sharing the love

We must continue to thank Nutnut for all his hard work on the forum, after reorganising many thousands of posts in the last few weeks we are finally at a stage where we are happy with it. Now after a landslide victory in a recent poll called Should we share the love? the Feathercoin Forum now has a Reputation system.

You get the behaviour you design for and it’s already come to our attention that there are certain members of the community who like to give our mods a hard time but who nevertheless are gaining some respect from their peers. It’s an important part of keeping ourselves in check and making sure the right people get to the top.

Giving Is The Best Form of Communication

Big thanks again to UKMark and Kevlar for their work on the Feathercoin Widget. UKMark modified the Donate Widget to work with Feathercoin. Kevlar modified it to not launch a new window needlessly, improving the user experience. This will currently only work for Windows users… I know, I know 🙁feathercoin_widgetDevelopers: checkout the widget on github

The tipping culture is one of the most popular use cases in crypto (outside of buying high and selling low). You are going to see, I hope, more of these kinds of efforts in the future that will help to promote a culture of excessive generosity, a world where value speaks for itself and paying someone isn’t just easy it’s delightful.

Keep track of your Crypto port folio on the move

Crypto Keep is a crypto currency port folio tracker available on Android. It is brought to you by one of our longest standing members on the forum aysyr who has been around with us since April and has created this neat app that keeps you up to date on your crypto holdings wherever you are (as long as there is an internet connection, and the blockchain isn’t under attack). Aysyr has already received tips in FTC and support from the community and says he would be grateful if more people could try it out.

It works with the following cryptos:

Feathercoin, Phenixcoin, Worldcoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PPCoin, Primecoin, Digitalcoin, Yacoin, Namecoin, Xencoin, Solidcoin, Novacoin, Terracoin, CryptogenicBullion, Ixcoin, Megacoin, and Mincoin


The three major government backed scam coins currencies are supported: USD, GBP and EUR.

What better way to find out if you can afford this month’s rent as your net worth goes up and down like a yoyo? Certainly beats Cryptsy’s new two factor auth takes ages to login.

Feathercoin Miner Update

We are pleased to announce that 9:49pm on Sunday night we successfully made it through our hard fork at Block 87,948.


Image courtesy of iawgoM on the Feathercoin Forum

The latest Feathercoin version is now available and is a mandatory update available from our home page. Though the current Feathercoin difficulty which we changed to get us out of a tough spot it is not fair for long term miners who have to experience 41.4% swings on every adjust. The new code will adjust four times more frequently at 126 blocks but to approximately 9% which still gives the exact same overall adjust. To prevent the difficulty from being sent up or down too rapidly the current 504 sample window is being maintained and damping is being introduced to reduce fluctuations between extremes.

There have been long running discussion and arguments on the Feathercoin forum including simulations of various different options surrounding this solution. Feel free to take a look at the latest discussion here.

Feathercoin, now with extra granularity.

Move to 126 difficulty adjust with 504 averaging window and .25 damping
Reduce effectivness of Time Warp attack
Reinstate CAlert system
Make getnetworkhashps more accurate
Release Windows binary with QR encode
Added support for handling of Feathercoin URLs

TL;DR – Bringing together the high and the low

The best perspective of all is the low level. We have been working very hard at pounding pavement getting out and meeting people offline, especially in London. The decentralisation of our network along with the security is very important to us. And so are the people along with the tools that enable them to go about their daily lives without having to even know that the money is there. We continue to support the people who care the most in our community and the dialogue on the Feathercoin Kickstarter is still ongoing so it’s not too late to get involved. Keep an eye out for more news on the Feathercoin Video from our Oxford Meetup last month, the Market Place and Local Feathercoin projects all of which are being worked on very hard by our dedicated team members.

If you are still reading this you are the resistance. Follow us on Twitter @Feathercoin to stay up to date.

Thank-you for your time.