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Feathercoin Key Stats

  • 245 days since genesis block creation
  • Approx. 26,500,000 Feathercoins created
  • Approx. 13.89 days behind target generation rate

Money is a question of confidence. Today we are going to look at that very human capability: the ability to inspire others. The problem with our industrial past is that it relied too much on manipulation and fear to trigger us in to action. One of the insights I have gained from working at Feathercoin is that great leaders create new leaders. It is not my place to tell others what to do or to question what they will do once they have their freedom but rather to believe in them and remove all obstacles to their success.
As noted by Michael Maloney in his video linked above: What’s the point of having money if you don’t have the freedom to spend it?
A lot is made of the unemployment figures in our ‘media’. But this jobless crisis is different to the ones we have seen before because this time I believe we don’t even want these jobs. I have noticed more and more people sacking their bosses and living a life of exploration in the search for something meaningful. That’s a brave thing to do in an economy that tells you the past predicts the future, one that scrutinises your history and tells you that you are nothing more than your curriculum vitae.
But nobody cares what you did in the past if what you’re doing now is so important. And so today we are going to explore the art of persuation and inspiration to create a meeting of minds.

Feathercoin T-Shirts

Mike works in a screen printing shop in Jackson, Michigan. He PM’d me on the forum the other day to tell me that he was selling smarties on our Market Place and that he had received an heart felt message from potential customer who said “Bro, I need this”. This inspired him to produce a range of T-Shirts which you can buy on our market place.

Mike has inspired the owner of his shop to get in to Feathercoin and is now producing a range of T-Shirts

While new to our forum Mike says he first got in to Bitcoin back in the beginning but took a 3 year hiatus. When he rejoined the crypto sphere he was amazed at the growth and gravitated to our forum. He told me:
“…when I stumbled into Feathercoin and decided that, long term, community is going to be the most important factor. The community here is great and, as far as I’m concerned, everything else can be patched.”
And so now thanks to Mike Countdownzed, a website selling his company’s zombie themed T-Shirts, now accepts Feathercoin as payment. We are very grateful for this and we are currently working on some ideas right now and look forward to showing you those in the coming months. Thanks so much Mike.

Paying Rent in Feathercoin

@Ruthie and I had the pleasure last night of speaking on Skype to another new member on the forum @SkullandHeadphones who we just had to tell you about because this guy has such passion. He came to our forum a couple of weeks ago to tell us that he had got the owner of his music studio to accept rent payment in Feathercoins. This is the first time we have seen this category of payment and I would urge any of you currently renting commercial office space to speak to the owner and see if it is possible.
This could be the way in for private landlords too. Imagine how powerful that would be if people could literally pay one of their most important outgoings in Feathercoins.

Netherlands Info

A month or so ago we held a conference in Amsterdam and found that there was a lively crypto community in the Netherlands. Well quite by coincidence another new member on our forum stepped up to tell us he had produced a Feathercoin News site for the Netherlands, Feathercoin Info.

Michael has brought us the CoinDesk of Feathercoin and his site is still under construction and is already available in a range of languages

The site was made by 23 year old Michael Smits @msmits. He is from Zwijndrecht, south Holland. He wrote to me enthusiastically to say that he has been with us for about 5 weeks on the forum and that he would like to contribute to the success of Feathercoin. He runs his own IT business and says he wants to make it easier for people to buy crypto-currencies especially Feathercoin. In his own words:
In my opinion the cryptocurrencies are at the beginning of a beautiful journey, and they will grow & grow. We’re all early adopters!
And that is a beautiful quote, veel plezier!

32,837 Feathercoins sold on Bittylicious so far

When you enter crypto you enter a time warp. It seems like an age ago now that @Bushstar announced on our forum that Feathercoin on Bittylicious had been launched.

Marc has put in many hours of coding to make this possible, say thank-you by disposing your fiat on his website if you are in the UK

Shortly after this Marc was featured on ITV News in the UK…

Marc is no longer just internet famous now that he has made his first appearance on the legacy broadcasting network

In case you have forgotten Televisions were those big boxes you used to have in your living room and the media owners used to dictate to you what you could watch and when, how cute.

MadBitcoins & More


No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.

Thanks to our rising popularity I now live on a global timezone. It’s like I live outside of time itself. It was my privilege to stay up in the early hours of the morning last week to feature on one of my favourite Internet TV Shows, Mad Bitcoins. Boy does that guy know how to host a good show.
He looks so different without the hat and goggles but this does not deprive him of his super powers (the picture is a link)

I also had the pleasure of talking to Ryan from Digital Disruption and Micah from Adsactly. My goal for early next year is to get more members on our Youtube channel and let the community steer it in the direction it wants.

Charting the Growth

@wrapper0feather brought us the news that there is new charting site that lets you see the price of crypto currencies in dollars rather than having to go via BTC conversion.

Check it out

The site also lets you chart difficulty and profitability. This information forms an important part of the dialogue.
And remember to trade cautiously, a lot of people are just trading noise right now. Don’t take a risk, take responsibility.

Proof of Existence

What is genius without the wisdom to remember it? Indeed it is often the wise man who understands the genius better than he understood himself. One of the core tenets of the Blockchain is its ability to achieve a global consensus using the universal language of mathematics. For the first time in history we have a global dialogue with a memory.
Enter stage left 😉 one of our most prominant members on the forum who has been with us since the beginning. Mr Travis Savo aka @kevlar who a few weeks ago kickstarted a project to establish a new protocol that would enable people to publish data in a blockchain. This would mean that the information could not be censored or destroyed without insurmountable resources.
This has turned in to one of the biggest threads a single user project has had in our history. So I read the whole thing and spoke to Kevlar last night so that you didn’t have to!
Now it all started when @TuckFheman said “where’s the music blockchain?“. People were like “Yeah! YEAH!”. From here Kevlar started to write the spec and he realised he could use this for more than just a store of data and could in fact encode any set of arbitrary instructions.
Now this was followed by many omgs, lulz and animated giffs before entering in to Phase 2.

The animated Giffs, the only way to express emotion on teh internets

It’s important to note that this is project is not necessarily going to be implemented in to Feathercoin. What’s so remarkable about what has happened is the response to the project from the community in spite of the fact there may be no direct benefit to the Feathercoin and the people themselves.
As Kevlar said to me himself: “A win for any coin is a win for all coins
So far the project has raised $300 worth of Feathercoins and most of it has been blown on pizza used for testing and given back to efforts from the community like this logo from @mnstrcck:
Look, it’s a crypto project without the word ‘coin’ in the title!

In 2 weeks the project went from concept to proof of concept to full library, and now the interface is rapidly coming together. @Kevlar says will have something for the beta testers by next week.
The code is on github at, or you can install the library directly with ‘npm install blockchain-link’.


To understand the mind of a genius is in some way to take on the mind of the genius herself.
A meeting of minds is not only achieved by mathematics, minds can be joined by what people hope for and want to achieve.
Next week we will have a Christmas special in store for you, until then please have your say in the comments below and tell us what we can do to help you get to where you want to go.
Today special thanks go to @Ruthie, @Kevlar, @Wrapper0feather & @iawgoM (who did the xmas logo) for their contributions to this newsletter.
You can follow us on Twitter @Feathercoin to stay up to date.
Thank-you for your time.