Feathercoin Key Stats

  • 230 days since genesis block creation
  • Approx. 25,000,000 Feathercoins created
  • Approx. 13.87 days behind target generation rate

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.”
~Jack Welch.

Crypto Currency is not an investment it is a transition. When you move in to crypto you’re not just taking a risk, you’re taking responsibility. You’re moving in to the post debt era. You’re backing an idea not a horse.
There’s plenty of awareness right now but not a lot of understanding. If we don’t want this to be a bubble it’s up to us to educate those entering the market for the first time. Bubbles have occurred in commodities and stocks and yet Bitcoin is neither. It will only become a bubble if too many people buy-in wanting more dollars at the end rather than because they understand and believe in the asset class itself.
Again, it’s up to us. So if you are new here please congratulate yourself on your curiosity and for having the good sense to belong to where you are. You’re an important part of what’s about to happen. Now sign up and volunteer for action.
We have seen nearly 3,000 people sign up to our forum over the past two weeks, over 500 in the last 2 days alone. Many people want to know how on earth to buy crypto, I have written this handy guide.
Now without further ado, let’s cover the mania that was Saturday 30th November in London, UK.

London Bitcoin Expo

I have never seen so many people get together this early on a Saturday morning! But these are not ordinary times, and hundreds of people have decended on to the back streets of East London, many to learn what all the fuss is about. The Expo gained mainstream coverage on the front page of the Financial Times and even Chanel Four News (UK) had a film team there.
I am going to tell the story using one of my favourite mediums.

It was packed out on stage one from 9:30am when the doors opened

It wasn’t always easy to hear the speakers unless you got close to the stage but the lineup was impressive. Including Stacy Herbert from the Keiser Report, a very popular show among Crypto enthusiasts.

I had the pleasure to talk to Cody Wilson (right) after his inspirational talk in the morning.
Image by Rachel Megawhat @megawhatdesign

I was keen to speak to Cody about his philosophy and about his new project Dark Wallet which at the time of writing is still $3,000 (Government issued money) short of it’s goal on Indie Gogo. It is based on these very simple premises:
Bitcoin as a web technology and privacy by default.

We have had a lot of support for Zerocoin on our forum in the past and this project promises to be an important cornerstone for this movement.
There is much more that I want to say about the work of Cody and his partners at unSYSTEM and Defense Distributed but I will leave it until I have had a chance to sit with him and have more of an exchange.

Marc was there to talk about Bittylicious where we are soon to be featured

Marc said he hasn’t talked so much in his life. I know just what he means. If you know about crypto or have been in to it for any length of time everyone gravitates to you seeking information. Even if they are skeptical, they still want to know what it’s all about. “Why are all these people putting their hard earned money in to something as intangible as Bitcoin and alternative crypto currencies?”

After a long day the Alt Coin panel featuring left to right Aidan from PPC, Johnny from WDC and yours truly
Image by Rachel Megawhat @megawhatdesign

We included the audience as much as possible in the discussion rather than have it be top down.
I told everyone to give themselves a round of applause for having front row seats to one of the most important events in history. And I meant it when I said the best personality to feature at the event was the audience themselves. I was slightly overwhelmed with the number of people approaching me throughout the day and after the talk wanting to know more about Feathercoin.
The most humbling moment for me was when I asked the audience:
“How many of you are in Crypto just for the money?”
About 3 people put their hands up with a few boos from the audience.
Then I asked:
“How many of you think currency is driven by community?”
This was met with a large cheer. I couldn’t believe it! After all the stick we have taken on the forums and the Trollbox these last few months and the whole time it turns out we were in tune with the general consensus.
So I have many meetings with various people who approached me after, and if I haven’t got back to you yet, don’t worry I will throughout the course of this week.

Svenn and his wife Hege made it all the way over from Norway to be with us in the evening

We had to move on to the Feather in the City event. Our first outside of our home town of Oxford. We had a group of people follow us from the Expo over drinks where we talked about the underlying technology and the opportunities it presented.

ChekaZ (Oli) and his friend Sven joined us from Germany

@ChekaZ and @svennand have been real heroes on the forum since our beginnings back in April. They are still setting an example to the rest of us, getting out from behind the comfort of the computer screen and taking action on the ground.

Around the table

Outside of our thoughts and memories all we really have are our relationships. A monetary supply independent of human intervention frees us up to contract and relate with one another in a way that the current system tries to regulate and stifle. It restricts our creativity and tries to take the future for itself.
In other news…

My Smarties Arrived!


Sure I could have got them in the UK for a few £s but where’s the fun in that?

You may remember from Week #4 that @mnstrcck sold me some Smarties, well they arrived somewhat overshadowing the week’s events ;D
He was even kind enough to refund me 50 FTC to take the edge of the price rise. Now that’s service!

TL;DR – Being free means taking responsibility

Birth begins with negation, it begins with a prosecution of the past. This is not just the beginning of a new era, it’s the end of an old one and it begins with you taking the time to work on what matters to you the most.
Today special thanks go to Rachel Megawhat @megawhatdesign & @Ruthie for their contributions to this newsletter.
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Thank-you for your time.