Feathercoin Key Stats

  • 223 days since genesis block creation
  • Approx. 24,100,000 Feathercoins created
  • Approx. 14.23 days behind target generation rate

People tend to think linearly not exponentially and this often leads to shock and confusion. There is no such thing as revolutions, only evolutions that the majority were not paying attention to in its early stages. When people come together to bring about a sequence of activities we call it a business. Each new mind which joins builds up a grid of parallel thinking until eventually a critical mass is reached, what sociologists describe as the Tipping Point.
We have tried to create an atmosphere within our forum that fosters ideas and friendship. We have had an unprecedented number of people join the forum in the past week as we have seen new people enter the crypto community at large. We are going to respond to this by taking a look at one member who has been with us a little while and is already benefiting from the community…


@kris_davison and his wife Emma run a small business selling fragrances while juggling full time jobs up in the sunny english city of Newcastle, with the Vikings and that.
Kris has been an active forum member since the beginning of August taking the time to welcome new members and offer support to those having trouble.

Kris has listed many items on the Market at very competitive prices, if there is something you don’t see please PM him and he will add it.

Gift Wrapping isn’t available due to it messing up during the shipping and Sweetems is a UK business only but we are keen to see what interest we get from overseas.
Kris told me:
We believe that by accepting alternate currencies such as Feathercoin we will be able to reach a whole new market and also help reduce our overheads as we currently have to pay a considerable margin to paypal for payment processing. We should then be able to pass these savings onto our customers making the products we offer even better value.

The duty of creating a crypto currency isn’t just the technical development it’s also the business development. I think we owe it to our merchants to give them all the support they need especially since the banks don’t seem to be too interested. You can show your support right now by checking out their products on the market and if you find something you like buy it for a loved one.


Say you’re going to do something and then just do it. In fact @ChekaZ just skips the first bit and likes to go straight the money shot.
You may remember ChekaZ from his work back in issue #6 of this newsletter when he persuaded a local Winery to start accepting Feathercoin. But he didn’t stop there. He then decided to get special limited edition Bottles made up.

ChekaZ is selling this limited edition Wine with exclusive Feathercoin Label


The Feathercoin Label Designed by @iawgoM

And a real team effort. The first 23 sold really fast but due to the how busy the forum has got the post got pushed down so I am going to try and bump it here. I can’t wait to get mine on the 30th when ChekaZ is flying in from Germany to pay us a visit at our next meetup.

The Town Hall & our first London Meetup this Saturday

Don’t forget that this Saturday following the Bitcoin Expo where we will be speaking, there is Feathercoin’s first London Meetup.
Also following the success of the Amsterdam Conference we held a few weeks ago we are now holding Town Hall meetings

@Entimp and I free styled it last week as soon as Youtube activated our Google Live account

The purpose here is to take our collaboration to the next level now that the resources are here. Please visit the thread and have your say so that you can help steer our progress and be part of the dialogue.

Welcome @Lizhi to the Feathercoin Team

@Lizhi first joined us from China back in late September and since then has been very hard working and dedicated Citizen of the forum. We had numerous requests to have him promoted to the Feathercoin Team and so I am delighted to tell you all that he is now our official representative to China.
Please show your appreciation by visiting the official forum thread if you haven’t already and if you feel your country or culture is underepresented on our team then step up or nominate someone. The only barrier to entry is your commitment and hard work.

TL;DR – Don’t Get Mad, Get Organised

We aren’t constrained around the family ties we were born in to or the friends we went to school with. We also also brought together around common interests or social objects be they sporting events, internet forums or even an idea as powerful as the distributed time stamp.
A new category of person has entered the crypto community and they are not asking “how does it work?”, they are asking “what can it do?” And the best possible answer we can give is to show them with our actions.
If you are in the UK you can demonstrate some action and receive a special free gift courtesy of Sweetems, simply PM me on our forum with the code phrase “Give me the bounty!”. Only one available but if it proves to be successful we shall look in to doing more 😀
Today special thanks go to @Kris_Davison & @Ruthie for their contributions to this newsletter.
You can follow us on Twitter @Feathercoin to stay up to date.
Thank-you for your time.