Buying your first Feathercoins


Currently (as of 2017.01) the biggest volume exchange available for trading Feathercoins. With features like an order book, nice charts and a simple API Bittrex offers a great service for more advanced trading.



Cryptopia is the exchange with the second most FTC/BTC volume right after Bittrex.




You can buy Feathercoins directly with FIAT at Bittylicious



Trading Feathercoins

As any other cryptocurrency, Feathercoin trading is possible 24/7 from any device with a working internet connection. You can buy and sell your feathers for other cryptocurrencies or fiat and we are actively working to get listed on more exchanges to make it easier for anybody to join our community!


Feathercoin is already tradeable on the following platforms. We recommend using a wallet to store your coins – either on desktop wallets like Electrum (you can use this in combination with the BitBox hardware wallet for extra security) or mobile apps like Edge (Android/iOS) or Coinomi (Android/iOS).


Website Trading Pair Remarks
Bittrex Bitcoin Based in the USA
UPbit Bitcoin Based in Korea
QBTC Chinese Yuan Based in China
Cryptopia Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin Based in New Zealand
LiteBit Euro Based in The Netherlands
BX Thailand Bitcoin Based in Thailand
CoinExchange Bitcoin No information about the location available
Bittylicious Euro Based in the UK; you can buy FTC with your credit card here
& more to come…


You can find more information such as daily volumes on CoinMarketCap. Stay tuned for updates by joining our official Telegram channel and following us on Twitter!